HomeCurrent Issues - What's Hot Today? [75 Most Important Topics for UPSC Mains and Interview] - eBook (PDF)
Current Issues - What's Hot Today? [75 Most Important Topics for UPSC Mains and Interview] - eBook (PDF)
Current Issues - What's Hot Today? [75 Most Important Topics for UPSC Mains and Interview] - eBook (PDF)

Current Issues - What's Hot Today? [75 Most Important Topics for UPSC Mains and Interview] - eBook (PDF)

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Update: There is a new edition to this title. You can get it here: ClearIAS Backgrounder: Current Affairs

This is the 3rd Edition of the ebook (PDF) "Current Issues - What's hot today?". We thank all our readers for the warm support and reception given for the first and second editions.

Issue-based study (with views and counterviews) is highly helpful for the UPSC Civil Services Exam Mains (written test) as well as the Interview (personality test).

The new edition includes about 75 current issues which need your attention (yes, a lot more new issues than our 1st and 2nd editions!) Also, many of the earlier topics still relevant today are updated with the latest current affairs. Some topics that are not applicable for this year are omitted as well.

Thanking all of you once again for supporting our mission of quality but affordable education

75 Most Important Topics for UPSC Mains and Interview - Table of Contents

  1. Aadhaar and Privacy issues
  2. The ban on cow slaughter/ Beef Ban
  3. Cashless Economy
  4. Economic growth Vs Environmental conservation
  5. Election Funding
  6. Free Speech: Rights & Limits
  7. Frequent promulgation of Ordinance
  8. Full statehood to Delhi: Should it be granted or not?
  9. Interstate water disputes: Focus on Cauvery Water Dispute
  10. Judicial activism and judicial Overreach
  11. Judicial appointment: Collegium Vs NJAC
  12. Kashmir Unrest
  13. Media freedom and Responsible reporting
  14. Muslim Personal law: Polygamy/ Triple talaq
  15. Nationalism vs Regionalism
  16. NGOs and Development/ Crackdown on NGOs
  17. Dalit assertion and Politics of reservation
  18. Restriction on the entry of women in places of worship
  19. Should India spend more on science or Social welfare?
  20. Supreme Court judgement on Caste, Religion in Polls
  21. Parliamentary disruptions
  22. Uniform civil code
  23. Privatization of certain Healthcare Services
  24. Agrarian crisis: Issues in farmer economy
  25. Issues related to Social Media
  26. Criminalisation of politics
  27. Stubble burning in the neighbourhood of Delhi
  28. Marital rape
  29. 'Living wills'/ Euthanasia
  30. Separate State Flag in Karnataka
  31. Net neutrality
  32. The merger of PSU banks
  33. Privatization of Air India
  34. Capital Punishment/death sentence
  35. Politics and Economics of farm loan waiver
  36. Laws to ban certain social practices
  37. Entry of foreign universities in India
  38. Respecting national anthem
  39. The special court for trying politicians
  40. FRDI bill
  41. National Medical Commission Bill
  42. Barring MPs from practising law
  43. Controversy over changing the Constitution
  44. Lateral entry: Professionalizing Governance or Committed Bureaucracy?
  45. Section 377: Constitutionality Vs Morality
  46. Institutions of Eminence: Can the tag help to create world-class universities?
  47. Higher Education Commission of India
  48. Bad bank: Is it a good idea?
  49. Data protection: Privacy Vs Innovation
  50. Ayushman Bharat: Can it make India healthier?
  51. SC/ST Act judgment: Protecting the innocent or diluting the Protection?
  52. Crisis in the sugar sector
  53. Khap Panchayats and honour killing
  54. National Policy on Biofuels
  55. Should the SC proceedings be live streamed?
  56. Doubling the Farmer's income
  57. Is AI a danger to humanity?
  58. What prevents women from working in India?
  59. Special category status
  60. National Register of Citizens
  61. Price Deficiency Payment mechanism
  62. Death penalty for raping minor
  63. Mob lynching: Is it becoming a new normal?
  64. RTI amendments
  65. India in SCO: Benefits and challenges
  66. Minimum Support Price
  67. Reservation in promotion for SC/ST employees
  68. No detention under RTE
  69. Interlinking of rivers
  70. Compensatory Afforestation
  71. Non Performing Assets
  72. Amendments to the prevention of Corruption Act
  73. Issues related to the appointment of Lokpal
  74. Does RBI need more power to monitor Banks?
  75. Office of the Speaker: Powers and Issues

Unique features of the ebook "Current Issues - What's Hot Today?"

  1. Most Important Events of National and International Importance is presented in a simple and easy-to-learn language.
  2. You will get an idea of the background/history of important issues.
  3. Arguments in favour and arguments against are presented. This will be highly useful for UPSC CSE Mains and Interview to take a stand.
  4. Reference links to related discussions - text and video - from important websites like Rajya Sabha TV, PIB, PRS India, AIR etc are provided.

A must-buy for Mains and Interview (also useful for Prelims)

The details presented in this ebook will be highly useful to answer various questions from the current affairs section of UPSC Civil Service Exam - Prelims, Mains and Interview.


Edition - 3.0; Pages - 405; Format - PDF. Now available in the store for just Rs.199.

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