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Government Schemes for Quick Revision - 2nd Edition (PDF)
Government Schemes for Quick Revision - 2nd Edition (PDF)

Government Schemes for Quick Revision - 2nd Edition (PDF)

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A new edition of the book is now available. Link here.

About the book:

Government Schemes are very important for UPSC Civil Services Exam - Prelims, Mains, and even the Interview. Did you ever feel learning the details of numerous schemes, a tedious task?

Don't worry!

Well, ClearIAS has come with a solution to quickly learn and revise the government schemes, performance data, and economic trends.

We have compiled info-graphics and data from various government websites into this e-book "Government Schemes for Quick Revision".

The peculiarity of the book "Government Schemes for Quick Revision":

The unique feature of this book is that information is added in the form of pictorial slides, which makes reading easy.

Pictorial illustrations are 10X faster than traditional learning!

As you know, if data is presented in the form of graphs, pictures, and illustrations, that makes learning faster. As time is limited for every UPSC aspirant, we focus on helping you learn faster!

Details of the book - 2nd Edition:

(1) Almost all details are collected and compiled from various government websites. Hence the data is authoritative. (2) There are about 900 slides (pages) in the ebook, but as each slide has only the most essential data as in a flash card, this can be easily revised (say, in less than 3-4 hours). (3) The book is really useful for both Prelims (you may expect at least 5-10 questions) and Mains (the data in this book can add a lot of value to your mains answers). (4) Apart from learning schemes, the book will also help you to understand the governance aspects, the performance statistics etc. (5) We have added the list of core of the core schemes, core schemes, and central sector schemes. (6) We compiled the details into an e-book format so that it would be easy for our readers for last-minute revision. We hope you all take the best out of it. All the best!

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