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ClearIAS Backgrounder (Current Affairs): 100 Most Important Topics for UPSC  - eBook (PDF)
ClearIAS Backgrounder (Current Affairs): 100 Most Important Topics for UPSC  - eBook (PDF)

ClearIAS Backgrounder (Current Affairs): 100 Most Important Topics for UPSC - eBook (PDF)

Product Description

ClearIAS Backgrounder (Current Affairs) covers the background of 100 most important topics for UPSC Civil Services Exam. This ebook (PDF) is equally useful for Prelims, Mains, and Interview.

Attention Buyers: The book is prepared in early 2020. While the background of the current issues still remain the same, there may be new udpates to each issue. You will need to update the topics further based on newspapers.

Table of Contents (100 Most Important Topics for UPSC CSE)

  1. Abrogation of Special Status of Jammu and Kashmir
  2. Full statehood to Delhi: Should it be granted or not?
  3. Ayodhya dispute
  4. Price Deficiency Payment mechanism
  5. Aadhaar and Privacy issues
  6. Election Funding
  7. Free Speech: Rights & Limits
  8. Frequent promulgation of Ordinance
  9. Interstate water disputes
  10. Judicial activism and judicial Overreach
  11. Judicial appointment: Collegiums Vs NJAC
  12. Media freedom and Responsible reporting
  13. Muslim Personal law: Polygamy/ Triple talaq
  14. NGOs and Development/ Crackdown on NGOs
  15. Dalit assertion and Politics of reservation
  16. Restriction on entry of women in places of worship
  17. Supreme Court judgement on Caste, Religion in Polls
  18. Parliamentary disruptions
  19. Uniform civil code
  20. Agrarian crisis: Issues in farmer economy
  21. Issues related to Social Media
  22. Criminalisation of politics
  23. Marital rape
  24. 'Living wills'/ Euthanasia
  25. Net neutrality
  26. Merger of PSU banks
  27. Privatization of Air India
  28. Capital Punishment/death sentence
  29. Politics and Economics of farm loan waiver
  30. Entry of foreign universities in India
  31. National Medical Commission Act 2019
  32. Barring MPs from practicing law
  33. Lateral entry: Professionalizing Governance or Committed Bureaucracy?
  34. Section 377: Constitutionality Vs Morality
  35. Institutions of Eminence: Can the tag help to create world-class universities?
  36. Higher Education Commission of India
  37. Bad bank: Is it a good idea?
  38. Data protection: Privacy Vs Innovation
  39. Ayushman Bharat: Can it make India healthier?
  40. SC/ST Act judgment: Protecting the innocent or diluting the Protection?
  41. Khap Panchayats and honour killing
  42. National Policy on Biofuels
  43. Should the SC proceedings be live streamed?
  44. Doubling the Farmer's income
  45. What prevents women from working in India?
  46. Special category status
  47. National Register of Citizens
  48. Death penalty for raping minor
  49. Mob lynching: Is it becoming a new normal?
  50. RTI: Is it on the brink of extinction?
  51. India in SCO: Benefits and challenges
  52. Minimum Support Price
  53. Reservation in promotion for SC/ST employees
  54. No detention under RTE
  55. Inter-linking of rivers
  56. Compensatory Afforestation
  57. Non Performing Assets
  58. Amendments to prevention of corruption Act
  59. Issues related to appointment of Lokpal
  60. Office of the Speaker: Powers and Issues
  61. Use and Misuse of sedition law
  62. Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA)
  63. Rights of the Transgender Persons
  64. Swachh Bharat Mission and Manual Scavenging
  65. NITI Aayog: Old wine in new bottle?
  66. Adultery: Section 497 of IPC
  67. Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and India
  68. The National Digital Communications Policy 2018
  69. Sexual harassment at the workplace
  70. India's effort towards fighting Climate Change: Issues and Challenges
  71. Issues and challenges before the World Trade Organization (WTO)
  72. Forest Rights Act (FRA)
  73. Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
  74. Online pharmacies: Why opposition?
  75. INS Arihant: India's nuclear deterrence
  76. Data interception order: digital surveillance?
  77. Surrogacy: Issues and challenges
  78. Implementing NOTA in the right spirit
  79. Intellectual Property Rights in Agriculture: Pepsico case
  80. New rules for e-commerce
  81. Reservation for Economically weaker sections
  82. Election commission of India: A crisis of credibility?
  83. Women's Reservation Bill
  84. Unemployment Crisis in India
  85. Official Secrets Act, 1923
  86. The water crisis in India
  87. Should India shift to proportional representation from the FPTP system?
  88. What SAARC can learn from ASEAN?
  89. Draft National Education Policy, 2019
  90. India's push for Electric Vehicles
  91. Mission Shakti: Anti-satellite missile
  92. Code on Wages Bill, 2019
  93. Plastic pollution
  94. National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)
  95. Ban on cow slaughter/ Beef ban
  96. Economic growth Vs Environmental conservation
  97. Nationalism vs Regionalism
  98. Should India spend more on science or Social welfare?
  99. Laws to ban certain social practices
  100. Is AI a danger to humanity?

Analysis Of Current Affairs

  • Major Issues In News
  • Background Understanding
  • Views And Counter-views
  • Conceptual Clarity
  • Easy For Quick Revision
  • Save Time
  • Remain Focused

Unique features of the ebook "ClearIAS Backgrounder - Current Affairs"

  1. Most Important Events of National and International Importance is presented in a simple and easy-to-learn language.
  2. You will get an idea of the background/history of important issues.
  3. Arguments in favour and arguments against are presented. This will be highly useful for UPSC CSE Mains and Interview to take a stand.
  4. Reference links to related discussions - text and video - from important websites like Rajya Sabha TV, PIB, PRS India, AIR etc are provided.

A must-buy for Mains and Interview (also useful for Prelims)

The details presented in this ebook will be highly useful to answer various questions from the current affairs section of UPSC Civil Service Exam - Prelims, Mains and Interview.

Issue-based study (with views and counter-views) is highly helpful for the UPSC Civil Services Exam Mains (written test) as well as the Interview (personality test). Many topics from this ebook (PDF) can be extremely useful for the essay paper (Mains) as well.


Edition - 1.0; Pages - 540; Format - PDF. Now available in the store for just Rs.199.

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